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Report - The Snow Hill hotel, Birmingham - August 2010


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When scoping out an interesting looking building it sometimes helps to find a "little" background to it. As then you can kind of set yourself up for what to expect, to a degree.

When I first lay eyes on this hotel it was open, and I was on the bus speeding past it, and always assumed it was a slightly grand hotel with restaurant etc, as I never went for a closer look.


One day we drove past and it was boarded up and it immediately caught my eye. Surely such a nice looking building will have a large reception area, maybe some dated features to go with it?

Well, we shall never know. As unbeknown until this evening The Snow Hill wasn't a hotel, but more of a homeless hostel, which could accommodate 157 men aged over 25 for the maximum of 2 years. Now it's being renovated into 92 flats.

Upon entry we were looking at a big yellow sign with the words "Danger Syringe Needles", and concrete. Lots of concrete. Everything from the internal walls to the water pipes have been stripped, and the building's being held up by scaffolding.

We didn't want to leave empty handed, so headed up t othe roof to at least get some low-down views of the city. Which from this mediocre 4 storey building weren't too exciting.


St. Chad's Cathedral on the left, incomplete and halted Snowhill development on the right.


The former H.B. Sale factory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1-7_Constitution_Hill,_Birmingham)


Snow Hill train station.


Canal to the left. Salvation Army to the right.


BT tower with supersonic speed train in the foreground.


Always nice to take in a different angle, but admin please delete if required.​

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