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Report - Thornton Rd CSO, Bradford - July 2011.


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Thornton Rd CSO, Bradford

Not to be confused with Thorntons Chocolates, this place is one hell of a grimey sewer overflow!

Part of the upstream Macro system, I originally had a look in here last year with Thompski on our quest to cover the entire system



Although you can wander in and around the outside of the overflow chamber, access to the sewer and screening chamber behind isn't possible from here

In the past few months I have been on with covering the bits & pieces that have either been missed or I needed to re-shoot with my partner in crime Squirrell_911 aka captain shit stain

We have spent many a night lifting lids & sniffing shit around the City, in order to crack more stuff

DIY SOS called and Squiz has been out of the game in favour of painting shit, but we did find a bloody big grid that needed lifting and never quite got around to heading back :(

After nearly 2 months out of drains, we headed back, this time with MJS joining us

We soon had the lid open and I shot down some ladders

Draped in fanny plasters and Bradfords finest we were soon down


The first thing that hits you besides the smell and the size of the place, is the height of the tidemark around the screening chamber

Wouldn't want to get stuck in here when it over flows :eek:


Upstream Trunk Sewer- Beyond The Screening Chamber


Downstream Trunk Sewer - The turds pick up pace down this bad ass ramp before hurtling on into the darkness



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