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Report - - Thornton ROC Post FSM cammed A MINTER (Yorkshire Group) | ROC Posts |

Report - Thornton ROC Post FSM cammed A MINTER (Yorkshire Group)

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
1991 Closure

Post was sealed back in 1992 and these are the first pics to have been taken inside since then.

This post has always interested me, it sits behind Thornton Cricket Club and has what looks like a half ton block of concrete moulded onto the access shaft. As this is a very local post to me I have always wanted to see inside.

Today I decided to get off my ass and Elvis Cam the thing. The weather was freezing and the bolts took a good hour to remove. I am glad I did, inside is a totally mint post, dry as a bone with all features intact including Teletalk, comms and a lovely Yorkshire cluster map. I have bolted the FSM back up with new nuts and bolts so it's safe from the damp again. The owner came over to see me with his dogs and was a pleasant enough chap but has no intention of ever unsealing the post :(

There is no chance of ever getting in there so I am safe to publish this info for all to see. Apologies for the FSM pics, it's not an exact art. I also have a video if anyone is interested :thumb

Outside the post, it is on private property.






Inside via "Elvis Cam"


Mint comms


Teletalk hiding away


Bunks still in a 1991 closure, quite rare.


Nice cluster map of Yorkshire


Looking at the access shaft, door is open.


Water cans


Nice original ROC issue chairs

Hope you enjoyed :)