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Report - - Tin Mine just outside Tavistock | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Tin Mine just outside Tavistock

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Myself and 3 other chaps from PCG turned up at this site just outside Tavistock. I won't reveal the exact location as PCG have got permission to have a poke around and I'm sure the landowner may get a bit excited about any old Harry turning up. It was BIG in there and sadly my flash didn't light up the massive stopes.

The site was doing it's thing about 100 years ago and now had largely returned to nature.

Pelton Wheel on the way up the hill


The shaft which we had to go down, nice collar and then through shale and then harder country rock, a sort of compact sandstony derived killas.

Getting to the bottom of the shaft brings you to a big pile of junk and a "wet bollocks" walk where you have to negotiate some "winzes" (Holes to lower levels) you don't want to fall down one of these, they are very deep.

Some have the ladders still in place, albeit under perfectly clear water. They are almost begging to be dived but as soon as you move, ochre would turn the water into tomato soup.


One of them required a bit of work to get a traverse line in


Anyway, the passage goes through some stopes and then there is a junction where you can either go along some long drifts which are barren, one is a collapsed shaft, there is a "downstairs" which has been blocked with crap and a collapsing stope which is huge and the chaps said was "ready to come down", the country rock is Killas which is friable slaty, shaly crap with odd blocks, highly fractured and realistically going through the dodgy section involves climbing over car sized boulders which are all on the move beneath a ceiling which is ready to come down. One of the chaps had been in there before and said how it had all changed.

Might be worth a revisit after there has been another collapse or seeing if any of the other numerous shafts are open. However, they seem quite favourable dumping grounds for farmers stuff.

Anyway. Enjoy.
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