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Today I was caught for the first time!


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Today was a bit of a failed Urbex day; I had originally intended to explore the Royal Hospital Haslar, however within a couple of minutes of jumping the fence an angry man and a security guard came to escort us off premises.

We spent the remainder of the day driving round to four other potential Urbex locations, only to find they were all either publically busy, or having construction work done.

I was wondering, is there a best time to go see these places? How often is CCTV not monitored at night, or at weekends? Any tips are welcome as a new Urbexer :)


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Before first light, dont fuck around and get in as fast as you can. Haslar is a tough egg to crack, the secca are on the ball there.

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I've had plenty of days of fails, part and parcle of exploring :D


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Everywheres different. It generally figures that getting in before sunrise gives you a better chance but of course it's not always logistically possible.

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Ive always found Sundays or Bank Hols best ,when Secca cant be arsed to be there. Only been caught once on a weekday. Fort Gilkicker was just up the road from there. Did you try that?