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Report - Trafford Centre - Manchester - April 3rd


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28DL Full Member
Having not posted a report in a while, I decided it was time to get one going.

A brief History of the Trafford Centre courtesy of those writing to wikipedia.

The Trafford Centre is second largest shopping centre in the United Kingdom by retail size. It was developed by The Peel Group and is currently owned by Intu Properties following a £1.65 billion sale in 2011 - the largest single property acquisition in British history.
Twelve years after The Trafford Centre was first conceptualized by the Peel Group, it opened on 10 September 1998. Construction took 27 months costing approximately £600 million, approximately £750M as of 2012. Popularly known for its vivid and quirky rococo/late baroque architectural style - its architecture pays homage to the history of the area. The Orient food hall is themed as a steam ship, reflecting the center's proximity to the Manchester Ship Canal.
Ten per cent of the UK population lives within a 45-minute drive of the shopping centre which attracts more than 35 million visits annually. It has Europe's largest food court in The Orient and the UK's busiest cinema, attracting more than 28,500 visitors each week. There are over 11,500 car parking spaces, and there are proposals to build a new Trafford Centre Metrolink station and a more speculative ferry system from the Manchester Ship Canal to the centre.

This proved for quite an interesting visit, however due to visiting at day, it was not possible to ascend the domes due to the fact that I could be seen by all those below! A night visit methinks. The roof itself is very clean and insanely large, I only actually walked along around 50% of the roof in my 30 minute trip!







You can see casual shoppers coming out of Marks & Spencer!










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Awesome, looked at this on and off for ages but never commited to it.

Good to see someone got it done :D

Be good to see some shots from the dome after your night visit. :D


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28DL Full Member
Thanks guys, I think it's going to all look so much better at the top of the dome, the only issue is, my camera will not take night photos!


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Yeah, nice one!! But you should have just gone up the dome - I bet no one would've noticed either. Plus, why give yourself a reason to ever return here!

A bit like Jobs and morse, the idea has been there, and I've scoped out routes to get up externally before, but never shown it any real commitment. I usually want to get away from the Trafford Centre almost as soon as I step foot inside it.

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Good effort :thumb

Spent many an hour up here years ago changing light bulbs on the Domes and Pergola's, wish I'd taken my camera up with me.


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28DL Full Member
Maybe I should have just saved myself an extra visit and just risked going up in the day. Might be a while before I go again. In response to indecisive, I use my smart phone so there just isn't enough lux to take a decent night photo, however the Trafford Centre does actually illuminate itself at night, so that might help a little. I never actually saw an external route, likely due to being fixated on an internal one, what make you want to get away from the Trafford Centre so soon tweek?

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