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Report - Transmitter Tower, Heswall, Wirral (Nov 2010)


Oooh, Ghosts!
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Went out last night with Xan, we checked out some drain leads, one looking very promising, we headed over to Vauxhall Trade Effluent as I havent been there, and Xan wanted to get more shots with his new lense. Almost there, and me being the eagle eyed ninja I usually am, I spotted what looked like a torch moving around further on. I warned Xan, I thought I said something along the lines of "look, somebodys down there with a torch", but no, according to xan, it went more along the lines of:

Can you see that light, he asked in a serious but hushed tone.

We decided it could be other explorers, or some sort of warning light, but it wasnt worth the risk, so ran back through the field, finished our beer and off we went.

We reccied this tower not too long ago, found access around the locked hatch, but with people out walking dogs etc, and the fact squeezethatgap was outside the fence because he couldnt climb it, it wasnt worth it, and left it til yesterday when we arrived at around 2AM, was perfect, not a soul around.


History/Info etc
Neither I nor Xan could find any info on history, or exactly what goes off this tower, except a forum post somewhere suggesting atleast a T-Mobile mast is among the many other things up there.

Pictures - There was nowhere to stand our tripods up, we had to improvise balancing it on things, and I had brought my smaller tripod up so it was terrible, I did the best I could with it. Also my first time using lightroom on these pics.







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