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Report - Trentabank Reservoir - March 2012


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I wasn't going to post a pic on this as it's only about 50 yards long and getting over the gate is about the only real challenge.

It's very similar to every other reservoir outfall in the area

Trentabank Nature Reserve (42.7 acres) lies within Macclesfield Forest at an elevation of approximately 800 feet. The reservoir, which comprises the majority of the site, was formed by damming the valleys of several streams running from the surrounding hills. It forms part of the water supply for the town of Macclesfield and was opened on the 2nd October 1929.

Public access to the reserve is largely limited and the majority of the site can only be visited by permit, subject to permission from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and United Utilities. However, a small section of the site can be accessed through a wooden gate opposite the Peak Park Rangers Offices. A small circular footpath and viewing area exists here. There are no definitive rights of way across the rest of the site.
I didn't have a permit






Emo pic

I half expect this to be pitted due to it being a mini-explore but thanks for looking anyway


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