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Report - - Units on Sylvester Street & Sylvester Gardens, Sheffield | Industrial Sites |

Report - Units on Sylvester Street & Sylvester Gardens, Sheffield

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28DL Full Member
Visited with Syme, Mini & Heresiarch, thanks for coming with me.

Sylvester Street had been home to a high concentration of cutlers and metal workers some of which still operate. This visit included the much dilapidated remains of A.R Heathcote Steel, Arundel Cutlery and Turners (E.S) Ltd. Web searches throw little light on the histories of these companies except to suggest that June Bradford met her husband working at A.R Heathcote.

Heathcotes has been closed for years, perhaps as many as 20, in which time part of it's former site has been used as a Subaru repair shop.

Arundel Cutlery seems to have operated under many different guises over the last decade of it's working, finally sucumbing to market pressures in around 1990.

Turners (ES) Ltd is entirely a mystery. Including the meaning of the abbreviation ES.

The whole site is a mess of stripped wiring, flooded shopfloors, farflung spare parts and raw materials all sadly interspersed with junkie detritus. I think Syme and Mini were a little disappointed, myself and heresiarch perhaps slightly less so. The only qualities being the site's size, the maze like complexity and a very few older features in heathcotes. Oh, and a real life junkie boudoir.

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A little messy in Arundel Cutlery, or perhaps it was Turners (ES)


A Fan


A picturesque view in heathcotes where giant budlia are very much taking over


And finally, before you drift off to sleep - an old window


Should anyone know to what the ES in Turners (ES) pertains, please, do tell


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