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Report - - Uxbridge Lido - 17/02/07 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Uxbridge Lido - 17/02/07

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Thought I'd get over to Uxbridge and take a look at the Lido before it gets redeveloped by Hillingdon Council. The plans aren't to knock it down and put luxary flats on it, they plan to redevelop the grade 2 listed pool into a new Lido. Originally built in 1936 it closed finally after the 2002 season.

If anyone is interested the plans are here:

They have already started to alter the site and put a big green security fence around the site, which does everything but keep people out! lol!

I decided to focus my report on the pool as I always thought that there would be a strange atmosphere about an abandoned pool, but it was quite the opposite. I did have a look around the buildings, but they are trashed, so you wouldn't see anything that hasn't already been posted.

140 mile round trip for 2 hrs of exploring in the lovely crisp morning was well worth it. I totally underestimated how difficult it is to photograph a pool as its all on bloody slopes! (sorry about the pissed appearance of some of the pics!)

Main Pool - Not a single sq foot remains untagged!


Its a fairly big pool, but its not as big as it looks. Didnt feel as deep as it looks either.


It was an absolutely fantastic morning, to bright really to take pics.







This is my favorite! A unopened can of Becks found just before the diving pit ?!?


Yummy beer. I left it there if anyone wants a free bottle :thumb



Looking out of the diving pit. I love diving and it was strange to be stood at the bottom of a pit :eek:


The place is littered with spray cans. It did smell of pain too so I suppose someone had recenly spayed shit on the walls:


Deep end (about 10fts worth)


Tour of the pool ends with the steps:


....and the obligatory scary rocking horse ride!


I took about 100 pictures when there. If anyone wants any of these hi-res give me a shout. I think next time I visit it will hopefully have water in it!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi Yorkie, I work for Hillingdon Council and we're interested in using some of your photos - sort of a before and after piece. Would you get in touch so we could discuss using them please? [email protected] Thanks, Jack

Bertie Bollockbrains

There is no pain
Regular User
This report is 9 years old and it looks as if Yorkie is no longer a user of this forum. I think it's unlikely your request will be seen.

Is redevelopment of the lido complete now? Just curious as I work in Hillingdon Borough


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Wow! I had the urge to visit the site after a very long absence and seen this report at the top of the list! Funny old world. I don't know what happened to my original account, but yes please use them. I chucked some of them on geograph at the time so you can see they match up.

Can you give a link if you do use any?



Thank you both for replying and so glad you had the urge Carl! Are you able to email me some of your images to [email protected] with any credit line you would like? They would need to be high quality images ideally. Please get in touch directly, your help is really appreciated!



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Always great to hear when sites featured get reactivated. So often its a case of the seeing the last pics before the bulldozer. Great news :thumb:thumb