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Report - Vauxhall railway bridge, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - December 2014


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I was up Norfolk/Suffolk for a few days and had a few visits planned, nothing went as it should and ended up feeling a bit rubbish. I needed somewhere I could sit on top of and relax for a bit. I found this and was incredibly glad I did. Sometimes you don't need to travel far to find what you're looking for.

All fisheye, a bit gritty and a bit crap, but it was fun. Enjoy.

History, present and future






Then it was refurbished...

...Sort of


£630,000 and they only half finished it?

The rotting side is slowly falling into further disrepair and you get the feeling it's loosing hope, It shouldn't be red, it never was originally and it doesn't look original or as characteristic as the black side. Shame, Hopefully it'll all be done up and they'll finish the job before it's too far gone falls into the Yare.

The visit and pictures

So it was one of those weeks


Had a crappy few visits that didn't go as planned and didn't quite feel too brilliant


I'd had a day of fails and then missed the train I was intending to catch


After many wanders I'd found my way back and took a rest, I couldn't relax and needed to get up somewhere


Google came to the rescue and then there I was


I needed to get to this, at least do something and then there I was, in the end the trip wasn't wasted


It had a lot of character and it was a great night, dark skies highlighted with clouds and a pretty strong wind blew the bridge sideways


I was in and it felt relaxed, again you sit up somewhere and it's all the same, big rush, then you chill at the top, the pictures are always different but every time you climb down, you want to be back up again


The thing swayed like anything but that added to it


It had character and for some reason it just felt good to be there


It wasn't even high, it was just fun, like a climbing frame that had been neglected, waiting for some numpty like me to sit on it


Even better, the public wandered below me oblivious, to be fair, I was oblivious to them


It was just silent


The fresh air cleared my head but the wind was as if you were even higher up


I clambered down and casually crossed back over on the public section right passed the locals


Then I got to the point where you look back for one more look and then onto the next


No tripod, No light but luckily I had a bit of time and bridge


The images don't show it as it's best but that's not the reason I climbed it


It was fun


And it was windy

I hope you enjoyed!




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Nice one, an entertaining read and sounds like you had fun :thumb

Don't know what you mean about the pictures mate, they look good to me! Guessing Christmas arrived a little early with the new lens?


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bob on that :thumb Last time I was down that way I'm sure it was painted blue and covered in sheeting (if its the one I'm thinking of, next to Asda?)
Yeah, that's the one mate. When I was on it there was a bit of blue paint on it, but not much. Most of it had flaked off. Cheers :)

green godess

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Thank you for such a well researched article. Being a railway fanatic myself, I very much appreciate what you have shown and shared with the group.

Jolly well done and thank you !!

G. G.


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Thank you for such a well researched article. Being a railway fanatic myself, I very much appreciate what you have shown and shared with the group.

Jolly well done and thank you !!

G. G.
Ah no worries, all part of the service. Glad you enjoyed it so much! :thumb

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