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28DL Full Member
A question to fellow photographers
I haven’t taken much video, but want to take more
My DSLR only lets me frame video using the screen and not the viewfinder. I have problems getting good focus using the screen in the rain or bright sun, (The video auto focus is rubbish). Most of the videos I want to take are at infinity.
If you have a removable lens (or DSLR) camera and have used video, does it support viewfinder and is it 100% view and does it autofocus well, let me know what camera you use, it has to take good stills as well.


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As far as im aware the way DSLRs work means the viewfinder physically cannot be used while recording. The mirror provides the image to the viewfinder from the lens, however when you record video as far as i know the shutter with the mirror on it is permanently up to provide a constant light, where it then takes digital images using a virtual shutter that can actually "move" at 30 / 60 fps etc. (standard video recording speeds.) shutters currently cant really do their shit that fast on DSLRs, even the high end ones. also if you want to make urbex video don't rely on 28DL, only because a lot of the members are far from your target audience. Give a link and leave it there i would say, and use Zero's response as an example of this (perfectly understandable as 28 has existed as long as youtube has, and it is designed to be photography 'focused' ;) )

PS i dont claim to be an expert on photography

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