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Report - - Wakefield Cinema Cannon/ABC/Regal 25/01/2008 | Theatres and Cinemas |

Report - Wakefield Cinema Cannon/ABC/Regal 25/01/2008

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The cinema first opened in the 1930's as the Regal which was later converted into the ABC with a tripple screen layout. The two smaller screens where placed under the main room. The cinema was later renamed to the Cannon and closed shortly after in 1997. I used to go there as a kid so it was good to see all the behind the scenes stuff despite the damage. Went exploring with Earnie99_uk who put up his report a couple of days ago.

The water is getting high in there and is higher than wellies so waders or similar will be needed if you want to stay dry. There is some asbestos looking material behind the main cinema screen and mercury on the floor in the arc room which is poisonous of-course.

Cinema 1


Massive horn for filling the cinema with sound

Front of the stage

Random ball of barb wire

behind the curve of the cinema

Anyone for a swim in the basement? The waters really high now!

Not sure what these are for...plenty dotted about the place

Winch for the stage area

Careful up there!

Hooks to hold the guide ropes
View attachment 94338

Ticket machine
View attachment 94339

Aircon unit (stinks very bad in there)
View attachment 94340

Power switches
View attachment 94342

EMI sound unit
View attachment 94344

View attachment 94345

Zone locations
View attachment 94347

View attachment 94348

Cinema 1 from the other side
View attachment 94350

View attachment 94352

View attachment 94354

Projection portholes
View attachment 94356

Slightly concerning
View attachment 94357

Those famous railings
View attachment 94359

Mercury Arc Rectifyer
View attachment 94361

A damaged Rectifyer
View attachment 94363

Fuse board for the recifyers
View attachment 94364

I think we know about this lol
View attachment 94366

Batteries for lighting the fire escapes
View attachment 94368

Good explore :thumb Going back soon!
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Re: Wakefield Cinema Cannon/ABC/Regal Report - 25/01/2008

Looks like demo is in March like I thought :(

"BLOCKBUSTING plans to revamp a former cinema building have been passed by Wakefield Council planning chiefs, paving the way for a £13.5m development.
Developers Innovative Global Business Group (IGB) hope to begin work on regenerating the Kirkgate area in March with their new building, which will replace the disused ABC cinema.

For the following 18 months, the former picture house will then be levelled and replaced with a glass-fronted apartment block of 119 one, two and three-bedroom flats, complete with roof garden.

Eight big-name shops have been lined up for the mixed-use development and, now planning permission has been granted, they are likely to sign contracts by spring.

A covered walkway and underground car park for 50 vehicles also form part of the plans for the old cinema that has been redundant since 1996.

Tamraz Riaz, IGB director, said: “We purchased the land three years ago, which already had planning permission for 64 apartments, but we wanted to build on that and go for 119.

“We’ve got some big names lined up for the retail units waiting in the wings to come on board and bring a different angle to that part of Wakefield, which is currently a bit run down.

“Although our company is based around the world, we all come from Wakefield originally so we are coming home to help the city grow and put something back in.

“We want to get on site quickly and are looking at it taking 18 months to complete as there’s a lot of demolition work to be done.”

Wakefield Civic Society also lent its support to the project and no objections had been received against the plans before the planning meeting, which took place at County Hall yesterday.

The cinema was opened on December 9, 1935, as the Regal. It became the ABC in the 1960s and, in addition to showing blockbuster movies, also played host to productions by the West Riding Amateur Operatic Society.

The full article contains 336 words and appears in Wakefield Express City newspaper.Last Updated: 29 November 2007 3:02 PM"


What are you missing ernie?


Re: Wakefield Cinema Cannon/ABC/Regal Report - 25/01/2008

Went back a week after the post with 1 x 15million candle and 1 x 5million to light it up. The water levels gone back down by about 3 inch so it is possible to manage it with just wellies but this may change depending on the stream height. A few things have moved about so I guess a few people have been in since. I also found new stuff in there and people wanted to see the smaller screens so...

Stage area

View from the stage
View attachment 96370

Cinema 2
View attachment 96372

Closer look - You can see the ireland airport jacket
View attachment 96374

Cinema 3
View attachment 96375

View attachment 96376

View attachment 96378

View attachment 96380

Cinema 1
View attachment 96381

View attachment 96383

View attachment 96385

View attachment 96387

View attachment 96388

starting to rot
View attachment 96390

View attachment 96392

Staff uniform
View attachment 96393

Now the interesting bit - Maybe the last ever films show at the cannon??
View attachment 96395

Leaflet wall holders
View attachment 96397

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