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Report - Walham Green Storm Relief



Primarily known as the "Walham Green storm relief"

Once again a compass would have helped endlessly so i have now bought one! woo|.

Write up

After visiting unnamed 1 we headed into Chelsea to have a look at our second lead of the day. The first road we parked in we ended up right next to a entrance although the only problem was it wouldn't open due to being broken and would snap if we tried..

So off we went barriers in hand down stream to find another way in, passing several vents as big as the ones in Paris at least a meter wide. After a bit of walking we found another way down if not a little blatant and in full view of several pubs and bars.

We set up our barriers and down we went. We were greeted by a concrete pipe roughly 9-10ft or so in diameter which was bone dry. We headed east to begin with and after 5 minutes of walking we met some water. Well what are waders for. We continued with it for a while the water getting deeper and deeper. It was now at knee height and due to the 50 holes in my waders i was full. Very cold but there was no turning back now. A bit further it got deeper. We then reached what we thought was the end of the tunnel as our echoes bounced off the end. But only one problem there.

The tunnel must dip down or go down some stairs as the water level rose almost to the top with a 4 ft gap of air. We spent ages trying to work out what was going on. The tunnel appeared to get smaller but again we were not sure. It was interesting to see even if it did mean we were stopped 40 meters from the end!. might head back with a boat.

We set off the other way. When the water level receded i removed all or most of the water from my waders. and we pushed on. Before long we came across a red brick pipe coming in from the north. We looked up and it curved in a stretched z shape up to a chamber. We headed up to investigate. When we arrived at the top we found a massive diversion wall for the sewer above. It was so tall and wide you could actually stand on it with ease. A ladder to the right led up to one of the meter wide vents. We took a few photos then headed on.

We came across another junction with a smaller pipe heading off to the left. For some strange and crazy reason we actually chose the smaller pipe to continue down. And after 200 or more meter it just came to the end. A exit shaft to the right and towards the end the walls now brick curved in and upwards in a bowl shape which acted as a drop shaft for whatever was above.

We headed up the ladder and found a l shaped passage. To the right the main exit and to the left it curved round up some little stairs to another small chamber with a little sewer flowing behind a meter high wall.

It was now about 10:30 at night so we felt it time to head back. Back along the pipes and out. A long sit down insued as we recovered from the walking.