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Report - - Wallerscote Soda Ash Works - Active side 16-02-08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Wallerscote Soda Ash Works - Active side 16-02-08

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I've driven past this site a number of times and having only just started exploring properly, thought it would be a good first 'big' explore. It certainly was huge! I mentioned it to northcave last night, and he just said 'we'll do it tomorrow' hehe:thumb

I know its been done lots, but most seem to go to the disused side (or at least when most of it was there!). It was a cool morning, but the sun was out and weather was perfect. After a quick recce and a bit of a walk, we were in. We'd see a few workmen on the large bridge over the canal removing asbestos roofing, so mooched round the back to the other larger canal and approached from there. There were wierd industrial noises coming from all over, which put us on edge until we'd got used to them.

We got into the main building where a maze of ladders and platforms were to explore, all covered in soda cr@p that made it look like it had been snowing inside lol. As I was trying to find a way into the control room, I heard a weak 'man down!' cry from northcave as an old injury on his foot started playing up and he could only hobble. A quick retreat was made to the old staff locker building for a brew.

I left northcave for a bit to recover and went off to get inside the small tower/loading silo by the weighbridge. With a bit of luck i got inside, although not to the mini control room. Up to the top, down the massive conveyor and then back to retrieve northcave for lunch:D All in a a top mornings work; cheers to northcave for taking all the photos and accompanying me.

Suppose i should start taking my own really!:rolleyes:









Old Staff room above the locker room/toilets




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