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Report - - Wansee Standby Hospital, Berlin. May 2007 | Underground Sites |

Report - Wansee Standby Hospital, Berlin. May 2007

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Wansee is notorious for the location of the Nazi party conference that agreed the implementation of the "Final Solution" to murder millions of German citizens. The conference took place in the Villa on the edge of the lake. The villa is now a chilling museum. Read more on Wikipedia.

Nearby is a Cold War auxiliary temporary hospital. Completely refurbished in the 1990s at vast expense. Kept empty but ready to be used at any time. The German Red Cross use some of the ancilliary buildings. I must admit I struggled to remember the history of this one - contributions welcome - I believe it was built as a bunker for the nearby Air Raid Protection school and later was used by the Luftwaffe to control Berlin defences . I struggled to find many web references; this one seems the best.

The building

Entrance Door

Maker's stamp on one of the machines


Every piece of equipment is absolutely mint



OT and Raddog have some great photos of the fluorescent paint used in the stairways and corridors.

Oh.. and back in daylight we saw a lovely rainbow over the lake .....

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