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Report - Wapping Mine / Cumberland Cavern - Matlock - Feb 2018


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One from the 3rd Feb where we had an evening trip up to Wapping mine. I have been here a few times in the past but a couple of time I had issues route finding and when I did find the way I got home to find out that my autofocus was turned off! :banghead

Wapping mine has been worked from the late 1700s until 1954 when a large collapse brought down the entrance (I don't see why this would cause issues as there is loads of space still for access) The mine is large by peak district standards - meaning no crawling around in Derbyshire mud! There is an upper incline level which is awkward to get in to and not particularly exciting, it just leading to a blind winze with 2 rails poking out. The main area leads along to the 'maze' where there is lot of tunnels branching in various direction, I assume following veins of ore.

Wapping mine joins on to Cumberland cavern which is a former victorian showcave and was visited by Queen Victoria. I can't find very much information regarding the cavern other than that it was opened in 1780 and started out as Cumberland mine. There is some collapsed rock on one of the staircases which is possibly why it closed. In the 70's it was tagged by some local youths.

I have tried to mark on a mine survey where the photos have been taken;

Cumberland Maps

The main roadway (Photo 1)

(Photo 2)

Some ventilation and a ladder holding up a rock fall. (Photo 5)

Entrance from Wapping mine to Cumberland mine. (photo 6)

Some of the graffiti (photo 10)

Up the first staircase (photo 13)

Graffiti wall from the stairs (Photo 14)

The top of the first staircase with some rockfall on it. This picture is coloured different to the other because I used a white light where as my main torch is yellow.

The spiral staircase (Photo 16)

The wishing well at the end of the cavern, I think the smooth cement area on the left once held a plaque. (Photo 17)

Another pool behind the previous picture. (Photo 18)

The staircase out of the pool area, this leads to the original entrance which is now sealed. (Also point 18)

On the way back you can drop down a hole to get back to Wapping. Down here the mine becomes very sandy whereas above most of it is solid. There is also a burnt newspaper down her dating from 2003!

(Not on map but It is in the Devils Pit)



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Looks decent mate, there are not so many old show caves or mines about to visit these days , shame about the autofocus :( cheers for posting this up.
There is a lot more to the complex but this was just a short afternoon trip. It's very well trodden so not really many artefacts of interest are left.


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Looks cool I wouldnt mind a visit there. Is there any issue with gas in there?
We don't carry gas monitor with us but we have not encountered any issues and there is a bit of a draft thought the mine. It's very well used so any gas would be referenced somewhere online.