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Report - Wellbeck Colliery, 2011


I should have danced all night
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On an incredibly cold morning after a brief trip up the Clipstone headstocks, I met Snappel up near Wellbeck to have a look at the very quickly diminishing topside of the colliery. I had horrendous flu and had spent the previous night being horribly ill in a Robin-Hood themed hotel not far from Mansfield. I've never felt so ill in my entire life, I actually thought I was dying and I've had every illness imaginable :p

Anyway, hypochondria aside, we managed to squeeze into the winding shed which I believe wasn't accessible before so it's nice to see photos of that if you haven't already. I've got to add that the photos here are so appalling but I thought better than none at all (maybe this is an arrogant judgement on my part). We ate some nice early Easter eggs in the winding house which I've heard are a fine flu remedy.

We had a couple of close calls and had to hide several times from security who were driving around and I nearly didn't make it running the last bit to the fence due to not being able to breathe ha! I'm not a very good fast explorer, probably why I'm not allowed to come out to play very often :p














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