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Report - - West Calder ROC post: upside down! - Mid Lothian - June 2014 | ROC Posts |

Report - West Calder ROC post: upside down! - Mid Lothian - June 2014

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
West Calder has been a post I've visited a couple of times in the past, and was notable for being positioned in a heavily eroded / excavated shale bing which resulted in the post half-hanging out of the hillside. Have a look at earlier reports to see what I mean. A report from last year showed that the post had by then fallen out of the hillside and was lying at a 45 degree angle. We were in the area today so stopped past, and were surprised by what we found. It appears the post's trip out of the hill has come to a conclusion...



Ever wondered what the underside of an ROC post looks like?


One inch thick layer of bitumen for "tanking" the post (there would have been a layer of bricks outside this, you can still see their impressions):


Access shaft and vent embedded in the ground. With a bit of digging it would still be possible to access the post, but you would be climbing "up" into it!



FSM and BPI pipes along with the telephone cable entry point on the top surface of the structure:


Telephone cable entry point:


Last pic: I managed to reach down and stick my phone into the vent on the side of the access hatch and snap this picture with flash. As you can see the contents of the post have fallen everywhere:


I don't know how long the post will survive like this but it's made of re-inforced concrete so would probably be incredibly difficult to demolish.

The Lone Ranger

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Staff member
I had heard it had finally come to rest at the bottom of the shale pile, good to see what it looks like now :thumb

Oxygen Thief

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At least it's shown features not normally seen, like the bitumen layer and telephone cable inlet.