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Report - Western Park Air Raid Shelter - Leicester - August 2013


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This is my first report here for a little while, mainly because Im letting some of my other friends get their reports up and I dont want to clog up 28 with the same reports by the same bunch of people :) Besides we are working on something big in Leicester right now that is destracting me from reporting :)

How ever we decided that we were going to go for a little bit of a walk down a few streams here and there and following up a few leads from gmaps without much avail, so we all piled round JuJus for the compulsary after splore tea and decided that we needed to get some photos. It was a toss up of time over location and after Leic_Urban_XP suggested the air raid shelters in Western Park off we went as it was just down the road. Located next to the school I would assume that it would have been used by the school and local residents. Air raid shelters are not my thing in all reality but it was still a bit of an explore non the less.

We did have a look at the school but it had been tightened since Yorrick last went in, so congrats on getting in there when you did mate :)

This was explored with Leic_Urban_XP, JuJu, CatVStyle and NightVision.