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Report - - Wheal Fortune Cornwall - 06.05.07 | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Wheal Fortune Cornwall - 06.05.07

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in search for something fun to do me and the bro abseiled down what i believe to be wheal fortune, just up the road from mount wellington mine which we have also been down... see Griffins trip report.

we found the building and a chimney, and then the shaft which is just below them, its coverd by some old wood and other crud, with a hole just big enough to get through.

anyway we cracked ona nd tied the rope round a little fence post, then ponderd and tied it back to a tree just in case the post breaks off.

in this next one it looks like im taking a shit. im not tho!

see just big enough!

abseiling down was as can be amagioned easy!!! after all gravety is on your side!

this is taken from the tunnel i stoped in lookign down at water, about 4 meters below me.

this is the tunnel which looks back to the shaft we came down

we came to another shaft, which we couldnt see far enough up to see light or not, again water was just a few meters down, but further nuf that you couldnt get out if ya sliped in, so you would drown :D lol so we climbed across the path on the right of it.

we went a few meters past the 2nd shaft and found our selves in deep shit.


this tunnel the one coverd in orange mud went on for miles, pretty much in the direction of mount wellington.

so we decided to go back! heres bren dangleing just on his accent, which is 56m!!!! dont sound much but tock him 28mins ish and me about 35, but im fatter and had the big torch hanging off me! either way it was very very nakering!

we only fucking did it!!!!!!!! seriously took ages, i went down first and up last so had half hour wait sitting down before starting my accent.


if im ever gonna do that again im going to have to be very motivated and slightly better equiped, also it was very hard at the bottom and slightly easyer at the top, thinkt he air became fresher at the top.

good day out tho, better than watching tv.

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