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Report - - Wheal Jane Mine, Baldhu, Cornwall - (13/01/07) | Industrial Sites |

Report - Wheal Jane Mine, Baldhu, Cornwall - (13/01/07)

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Simon Cornwell

This was our 'Plan C' (after Mount Wellington Mine) and we only located the mine as it started to get dark.

It was only as we were halfway across the field towards the mine that we realised the herd of cows sharing the field with us were actually bulls. Never mind.

So, it was very much a quick climb through a darkening interior of twisted metal and sudden drops before the light failed completely.

Lots of control panels, catwalks, and industrial processing machinery. Also, lots of interesting bits and pieces scattered around the site. Interestingly an emergency light was on at the back of the main hall, and the transformer outside was humming away, so there's still power. Don't touch those switches :eek:

In retrospect, this was much better than Mount Wellington, and I'd wish we could've spent more time here. But here's a selection of pictures to give you a taste of the place and what we saw.

As usual, there's a bigger write up and more pictures on the website.

All the best,


Approaching the mine buildings from the east. Bulls not shown.


Switchgear in the major part of the mine building (which looks onto the lake beyond).


Bug's eye view of the catwalk and the switchgear.


Control panel in the "smaller" room in the mine. Like the rest of the mine, this room was partly stripped with catwalks leading to sheer drops. The ground was covered in one to three inches of red muddy water.


The "larger" room at the back of the mine. This is the view from next to the control room. The switchgear shown previously is on the right.


The main control room, located in a small room at the back of the "large" room. Now completely dark and silent.


A high view from out of the mine and across to the polluted red lakes. (The lakes were polluted when the mine flooded and overflowed.)