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Report - - Wheal Virgin Cornwall - 30 03 08 | Underground Sites |

Report - Wheal Virgin Cornwall - 30 03 08

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ok not many pics so far as i didnt take my camera down the shaft, however Pasty who also went down got some good under ground ones so expect he will add his next time hes online....

we didnt think this was very deep so we doubled a 100m rope and i went down one of them, just to find that the rope didnt make it to the bottom! by about 3m, nor could i tell if there was a tunnel or not as all i could see was a slight over hang and water bellow int he shaft.

after getting in a bit of a pickle with my gear i got sorted and went back up the rope, we threw my 100m rope down single and pasty went down and an found there was a tunnel just a meter or so above water level, which he swung in to, i then went back down and got in aswell, there was some realy interesting green copper staining in the tunnels and some dodgy "indiana jones" style planks we had to walk accross with fair drops under them, again pasty has few good pics...

heres few pics as we rigged up.... btw we did have the rope tied to a granite posta s well as the bunch of tree's but the tree's held anyway!