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Report - Whetley Hill Service Reservoir, Bradford - May 2014


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Struggled to dig up any info on when this was constructed, assumedly it was a service / holding reservoir for drinking water to be fed down into the town as it sits above the city centre in Manningham. Approximately 1.5 acres in area so quite large.

There was a planning application to remove the reservoir and build 24 houses and 8 apartments in 2004 but it was withdrawn.

Concrete and brick are the means of construction here meaning a good 10/10 echoey structure, perfect for a good sing song. A nice find by our little Bradford based bearded buddy and his banned pal, popped in early doors with Geo, Beardy and bannedbatz.







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Thanks for the shuot out. You made lovely picture graphs with the resources we had to hand


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Very nice :)

Must be the best part of Manningham i"ve ever seen...... without anyone stood "in the corners":D

Ironically i had this place tagged for the Building on the corner, didn"t realise it had a "Res" in the back garden lol
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This service reservoir would have been completed sometime around 1844. It was part of Bradford's first major scheme started in 1842 to provide drinking water to the town by Bradford Waterworks Company. Water was obtained from Manywells Spring (next to Hewenden Reservoir - built to provide a reliable water source for mills downstream once the spring water was diverted, not drinking water) providing 1/2 million gallons a day. An aqueduct took water from the spring to be stored at the upper (first) Chellow Dene reservoir (also built for the scheme and completed in 1844) and water went from Chellow Dene to Whetley Hill reservoir which was originally not covered.

The scheme failed to live up to hopes, only providing water for half the population of Bradford and when Bradford Corporation took over water supply a decade or so later they immediately set about building large reservoirs in Nidderdale.

1852 six inch OS map shows route of conduits/aqueducts between Whetley Hill, Chellow Dene and Manywells.
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Sadly filled in now according to 2016 planning permission application with Bradford Council. Permission was sought (refused) to temporarily use as open storage area for shipping containers whilst the material used to fill the site settles before building houses, says settling will take several years. Conditional permission to build houses on site still valid (granted in 2007). Site for sale for only £1.2 million...

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