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Report - Whittlesey ROC post - April 2014


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I recently visited the Whittlesey ROC post. I found out about this place from another users post (Frizman). I knew what to expect but was somehow still disappointed.

Here you can see the location of the shaft to the rooms below - on farming land

Closer picture of the shaft, you can clearly see it's not in the best of conditions

You can see here that the ladder has been sealed shut with a steel plate, tried looking past it but could see nothing more than darkness

I noticed that the hinge/lock for the missing hatch has been cut, I have no idea why, any ideas?

Some kind of air vent?

I have no idea what this is, does anyone else know?

Another shot of the location - hidden beneath a field behind a housing estate

Thanks for looking through it all. If anyone has any further information or images from before the shaft was sealed it would be appreciated.


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28DL Full Member
Nice report, interesting to see the post sealed from the ladder rather than the top. Aside from the concrete air vent, the other surface feature is a Fixed Survey Meter.

The Subterranea Britannica website has some photos of the inside here: WHITTLESEY Cambridgeshire


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28DL Full Member
There is a better one not too far away.. I was right near this one only last night and was wondering if anyone had managed to remove the metal plate. Although according to Subbrit theres nothing much left down there.

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