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Report - Wickambrook ROC post - Suffolk - June 19

The Witness

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Right pretty sure this one hasnt been covered before, as far as local goes this one was pretty much on my doorstep! i tried scouting this one the same day as visiting the clare ROC post ( https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/clare-roc-suffolk-june-2019.119786/#post-1251039 ) but light was running out and as so i went completely the wrong direction! so i came back the next day with a couple of local friends..... good job I did because i wouldn't of been able to get in otherwise! The Orlit B post was still there and in good condition..... looked like some kids had made it there den as there was a few chairs inside. the hatch was the demanding part though..... on top of the hatch lay a big oil drum that had been filled to the brim of concrete and so was very very heavy!! also another big concrete block too which made us think there hadn't been any visitors for a fair while! ..... feeling strong that day it took all 3 of us to one move the concrete block which then in turn allowed us to roll the concrete drum of the edge of the hatch....... and we were in!.... so as i had located this one i was always going in first..... finders rights i suppose haha!

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The Post

This post is not the nicest to visit...... if anything knowing whats inside i would avoid this one... and if you do visit bring a respirator or something because this after making my way down the hatch ladder opening the door and flicking the torch from my fone on it appears this was the final resting place for rabbits and other animals that had gotten in through the vent hatch and could not get out...... i presume anyway! few documents left down there but nothing much. after a quick look around we exited placed the concrete block back on the hatch so we didn't upset the farmer too much and left.

The Barn

now after my failed attempt to find the post the night before i did come across a barn in the middle of no where that looked like it was about to fall down.... no property near by that looked to of owned it so after visiting the ROC post we made our way to the barn to have a bit of a nosey! not much here just looked like a storage place for old toot, newspapers there dated back to 2008 so i doubt anyone had been back for there stuff in a while! barns arent really exciting to me but this one did look pretty damn old!

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