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Report - Wigan Pagefield College 11/09/07

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Went for a night of recce's and explores with Diddy.

First of all we tried the main building, but more and more boards are being put on it all the time. The college only shut down a few weeks ago - so security are still pretty much on the ball. I have said on another thread that I managed to get in a few weeks ago through an open door - but as soon as I hit the first floor I triggered the alarm and had to leave. Security turned up in minutes.

The place is already turning into a chav magnet with windows higher up smashed and lower reinforced windows in bits but still standing. I found what would be our point of entry for the future once the chavs discover it, though so just need to keep an eye on it.

This is from less than a year ago:


And this is last night:


The main building was impregnable, so we had a look at some of the surrounding buildings which are linked to it. What I think was the pumphouse had an access point for the basement, so we made our way in and had a nosey....

These first 2 are day time shots taken last year:



When we first got in - it looked like there might be a couple of rooms in there, but it was mainly corridors where we had to creep across pipes and jump up and down walls. Wasn't a huge explore, but there is definately scope to go back in the day time. I got a tad freaked out a couple of times - I had my head down a tunnel when I felt something drop on my head and something metallic fell to the floor - it was a part from inside a computer - but honest to god, it fell from nowhere!! A little later something fell down next to me again when I was walking some pipes - another computer bit!! Don't normally get freaked out - but was a tad spooky - especcially when there was the loud sound of steam venting from a room above us - the site has not been used in over 35 years, so I have no idea where that came from. Anyway, here are the pics:







And when we came out, we found a tunnel which was close to 30 metres long leading from the building to the lodge next to it - but I wasn't going to go down there in the dark - its like a swamp on the other side/

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