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Report - Wilkinson Saw Mill, Walkeringham - March 2013


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Visited this little spot with scottnicklin as my 2nd explore, I enjoyed this site due to the vast amount of old vehicles not some much a shed man but if you can't get enough of a shed this is the place there's tons of them! We spent about 1 hour and half looking around the place, you could do it in less but I don’t like to think I've missed anything. We did have a little scare when 3 other guys appeared on site but lucky enough it was more explorers :thumb


Not sure what has been covered on this but I found this about the site in the following book :- Chesterfield Canal by Christine Richardson, John Lower

Walkeringham Brickworks. The tall chimney near smith's bridge. Once famous for high-quality bricks and pantiles. Coal from higher up the canal was delivered by boats, which were then reloaded with bricks for delivery. The lake behind the house is where the clay was extracted.

Warp. When the Walkeringham brick-trade ceased warp was produced. At low tide on the Trent, mud from the banks was shovelled into canal-boats and then brought to the old brickworks. There it was dried and sieved until it was so fine and soft it made prefect polish for cleaning the sliver of the Sheffield cutlery trade. This was the last commerical boat-traffic on the canal, ending in late 1956. Eventually dredgers and road transport took over until production of warp finished in 1981.

As we know from other reports the most recent use of the site was as a saw mill.​

1. Chimney through the digger

2. Purple Cloud Effect

3. Close up machinery

4. Jaguar XJS

5. Hard at work

6. Tricycle

7. Decoy duck

8. People Shot - Urban Explorer

9. Bedford Grill

10. Standard Triceratops

Enjoy and please feel free to comment :)


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