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Report - Willis Building - 26/07/2007


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This 400ft Building is nearing completion .
The outside is complete and the floors are just being fitted out.
Access was relatively straight forward ( AFTER half an hour of trotting around looking for the bloomin stairwell...lol))
Recent visits with Palace Fan rewarded us with some great views over the usual City Buildings.....although the star of the show is undoubtedly the building itself....3 'tiers' , 2 large balconys, a very arty looking roof (great for just climbing around on ...) and lots of glass...
some rather large neighbours keeping an eye out on it too ...:p
Palace Fan has some absolutely cracking shots I hope he is going to share....
Always a pleasure PF :thumb

Heres some of my better pics...enjoy


Palace Fan

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The Willis was a last minute brainstorm, but has provided us with some good action for the last two weeks. It has moved on miles since OT's first windy visit to the cranes. When I was last there the second crane was being stripped, now they have all gone.

Our first visit, involved getting rumbled halfway over the hoarding, then once in it took an hour trying to find a way off the brightly lit ground floor. We ended up descending a rope into a deep basement, almost certain the stairs must start below.

The second visit was a solo by Down Fallen, where he ripped-it up with his camera, grabbing some mental shots.

Our third visit this morning, it was intended to grab the sunrise, but as ever the weather screwed us, and at 5am we knew it was time to get out. I grabbed a few shots, but as said DF had got the best to be had.

After leaving the site we grabbed a few of the Gherkin, but got stopped by security, who told us photographing the high-profile buildings of the city was now not allowed, and risks some heavy police attention...... if only he knew. :D

First visit

Third visit

Hopefully no repeats.

Always tops DF


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A few more I found......also a couple of not strictly the B in question, but one of its neighbours that features prominantly in alot of pics



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Thanks for posting these reports, I thought they were lost. It was Downfallen's reports that inspired me to get involved.