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Report - - Wind Tunnel Testing Site - RAE Bedford - June 2012 | Military Sites |

Report - Wind Tunnel Testing Site - RAE Bedford - June 2012

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Northern ninja

Hiding in the shadows
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A couple of months ago i got a message from Els saying about a site he had found which had mint control rooms and looked really interesting from a film site's pictures. We had a talk about it and just left it at that. Then one week he messaged me saying fancy cracking it so off we went.

The site itself is extremely live with 24 hour security and the disused part is right in the middle of it all. Their are people all over and also cars pretty much 24 hours in the day. When we approached the site we were both slightly apprehensive and just had to go for it and so glad we did as our luck paid off.

There isn't a vast amount of history on this site, mainly a few mentions in some obscure forums, but it looks like construction was started after the war and quite of bit of the equipment seems to have been “liberatedâ€￾ from Germany. Things carried on until the site was closed back in 2004. Quite a bit of the equipment has been “recycledâ€￾ and is now used by Bodyflight Indoor Skydiving and the Red Bull motor racing team.

The site is magnificent with 2 mint control rooms and some great cranes.






Thanks to Els for this pic

Thanks for looking

Northern Ninja