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Report - - Winnington B Control Room Cheshire - October 2023 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Winnington B Control Room Cheshire - October 2023

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Mr Budge

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Resting above a disused switchhouse is a control room for a now demolited combined heat and power station, used to provide electricity for a large industrial chemical works plant responsible for soda ash production.

The only remaining remnant of the powerstation is this control room and an external cables bridge as the rest was demolished back in 2007.

The building is listed (under what grade im not sure) and the future of the place is unknown but im guessing some expensive new houses will be there in a few years if the land gets sold.

This place has been on my radar for years and for one reason or another has always been pushed back but after seeing a picture of this green beauty recently and being reminded of its dated existence i decided it was time to finally head over and check it out.

Looking at older reports from @Speed i was again reminded that i started this hobby a few years to late for some epic stuff and that over the years the site has slowly been stripped away.

Visited here last year with @MotionlessMike around the same time on a cold Autumn morning to MOND house and after ploughing our way through heavy bramble and spending most of the day cold and unable to warm up the motivation for a trip to the other side of the site past active security patrols just wasn't there.

So early one Sunday morning i arrived on site and ready to go before sunrise.


Decided to enter as stealthy as possible after hearing rumors of sensors dotted around in places



Turns out the rumors were true after discovering this trail cam the first thought was 'theres probably more we haven't seen?'

This picture was taken on the way back as luckily when clocking it on the way in it was from a side angle and out of range


Mr security was out on his routine patrol, managed to snap a blurry shot of him whilst checking out the wrong building.

This and a grey pick up were quite active driving around site most of the day.


And there she was, not much to look at from the outside but after taking our time to get onto site and faffing around with the wrong building we were eager to get in with the cover of darkness now gone


It was just as pretty as we imagined, i couldn't help think how good it looked a few years back and what it would of looked like then capturing it at golden hour


Print outs can still be read on the control room desk














After spending around an hour here with the camera it was time to leave happy with finally ticking of this gem after years of set backs
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Nicely done, I remember a massive sense of achievement when I cracked this on the 3rd attempt! One of my all time fave explores.


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Are you sure its listed? seems weird! Thought it was only still there cause of all the power running through its basement.

Whats the rest of the site like now? The A-station still there im guessing?

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