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Report - Winterton ROC post - Lincolnshire Group

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28DL Memb3r
28DL Full Member
I approached the Post using my stealthy red light (well my red filter on my torch).


The post is in a poor state, the hatch is at the bottom of the shaft with lots of other stuff.

obligatory Pump shot:

The door says "Sierra Group Post" under the paint. Whats that all about? -do other posts have lettering like this?

Obligatory Light Switch Shot:

and for the room: -yes its trashed!

I have just bought a new tripod so it was good to try it out and put my (crappy compact) camera to the test in a ROC post.


28DL Memb3r
28DL Full Member
Re: Winterton ROC post - Lincolnshire Group - Report

further to my original visit (30/10/2007) I noticed on subbrit and google earth that there was a
"Home Guard store of 'Lincolnshire pattern' with pitched roof. 1999/05/02 Brick building used during WW2 as a Home Guard Store, and later similarly by the ROC"
(according to "defence of Britain") Im pretty sure i saw it through the fence on my first visit but it was dark and i didnt investigate further so I visited today (25/03/2008). I didnt plan on going down the post anyway but once in the field it was clear things had changed. the post now looked like this:

so that would be no access then! Its not really a bad thing as the concrete can be removed in the same way it was put on should the post ever be sold etc, its not as bad as those that destroy posts. talking of destroying things this is what remains of the Home Guard Store, scandalous :