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Report - Withcall tunnel, Lincolnshire, May2018

The Wombat

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It’s been a while since I last visited my mate in Nowheresville, Lincolnshire, so it was good to get out on a roadtrip on my own and see some stuff in in this often overlooked corner of the country.

I last visited this tunnel over 5 years ago, but it was sealed tight then - and judging by the lack of reports, has been sealed for some time. The tunnel is suffering some water ingress.

Due to the geography of the county, there aren’t many derelict railway tunnels in Lincolnshire (I can only think of three.) Back in 2013, I visited the nearby shorter High street / Benniworth tunnel. Today was worth the scramble down steep embankments, brambles & barbed wire to tick this elusive tunnel of the list; before heading out for some rewarding beer gardens.

Withcall tunnel was started in 1852, and construction was beset with problems. Bad weather, a strike, a washout and a death were among the problems. The tunnel was built with a gradient; No airshaft, causing ventilation problems, and no refuges,

The first goods train passed through in 1874, with the last in 1956. The chances of the line re-opening are doubtful.



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Everywhere in Lincolnshire is nowheresville why I like it.

Anyhoo.. Awesome report as usual. I've looked into this one but easiest access was right by a farm (what was withcall station).Actually driven up there to look too. Any pointers?

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