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Report - - Withington Hospital, Manchester 25-26/08/07 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Withington Hospital, Manchester 25-26/08/07

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After leaving the rest from the mini meet in manchester me and thedrunk were driving round. I was staying at my cousins near withington and jokingly said "shall we do withington?" (at this point it was dark and about 10pm) the drunk replies with a yes and before we knew it we were parking up and sneaking into withington in total darkness, it was scary as hell! We climbed up to the roof and sat for a bit waiting til it went totally dark then ventured on to the top. Stayed there till about 11.45pm and decided to head down. When we got to the main staircase we head a few voices and some noise at the bottom of the stairs, we weighed up the options of going down or heading to the other staircase. We decided on the same staircase and took one stap ever 15 or so seconds! i was bricking it!

when we got out we noticed that the door we got in (which we had closed behind us) was again open, so we legged it! rather exhilerating though :)



Idea blatantly stolen from everyone else on the board :p

And today we came back with me, my cousin and his friend and ended up meeting with UED and the guys he was with :) even though it was my 4th time to withington i found places i hadn't seen before and really want to go back (part of the group got busted by security so we had to dash)

Padded Cells




This room was full of autopsy reports and medical records! amazing stuff

Tourista on the stairs

The rest are on my flickr as usual :)
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