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Report - Wolffkran 500B Tower Crane, Manchester – September 2010


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As myself and Jimmy were back in Manchester it is only right for us to show our faces again by climbing this 222ft tower crane.

As we left my flat it wasn’t raining but quite a wet night, After a walk across town checking up on some of the other places we were stood infront of three tower cranes. After getting into the site and not being spotted or setting anything off we made our pick, Unfortunately we couldn’t get into the ladders of our first choice so moved on to the next crane along. This one we were successful.

After a wet climb and the wind whipping past we sat and chilled in the cab and then brought the cameras out for a few photographs. I must have cleaned the water from my lens at least four or five times with my wooly hat.

After checking the board out at the base of the crane the information told us that the crane was a Wolffkran 500B tower crane standing at 222ft underhook.






We had a brief moment of worry as Manchester’s finest flew past. I know Jimmy has a few photographs to add to this.

Thanks for Looking, Gone...​