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Report - Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary - May 2016


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History - "The Infirmary was built by Wolverhampton builders Henry Willcock & Co. at a cost of £13,000 and opened in 1888, providing three men's and three women's wards with thirty beds and five children's cots. A significant part of the cost was met by local philanthropist, Philip Horsman, who also donated the Art Gallery to the town and whose benefaction is commemorated in the Fountain in St. Peter's Gardens."

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Visited with Dweeb and friend from work after having a look round Shelton to top the day off. It's in a pretty sorry state but is still a fairly decent wander if you want to kill some time. We bumped into quite a large group of kids with skateboards who decided to make as much noise as they possibly could so we didn't stick around for too long!













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Nice little splore, shame its so beat up, but a good mooch


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Not seen anything from here since I think Lucan's report. Been wondering how this was looking inside now. Some great peeling paint and the stairs look brilliant. Thanks for the update.


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Thanks! It's not a bad little place really. Had a look in the nurses block but there were clearly people living there and I don't fuck about with the homeless!