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Video Report - Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary - September 2017

Jake Alan Craig

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
The Eye Infirmary in Wolverhampton is the biggest place that i have explored yet. For once i took more photos and still got a decent amount of video footage.

I took this photo after we had finished filming, whilst we were eating our lunch on the roof.

Here's the main reception.

I believe this could have been one of the waiting rooms, as there is a Coffee Shop through the door at the end.

Aaaand here's the coffee shop.

Here we have Exploring with Cam investigating some empty shelves.

I swear every hospital has a corridor that slowly slops up around a corner, and you never know whats waiting around that corner...

Even the Doctors names are still up on the wall.

Shame I don't have a car, I would have known where to park, Honestly more abandoned places need bike locks.

A bunch of grubby looking canisters left in the storage shed, not sure if they had any gas in them still.

Im guessing this place closed due to there being asbestos in the building...

Safety First w/ Exploring with Cam.




Safety First Explorers, make sure you take the gear that you need with you on your adventures
Jake Alan Craig


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28DL Full Member
I never ever got chance to look here. Always put it off due to fears of squatters and treading on needles. But yeah this place has been well sealed finally after years of it being pretty easy to get on to. I actually walked past the day there were loads of workmen about doing it up. 2 weeks later I walked past again and one board had been ripped off but where it was. Was very exposed to the busy road and nearby shops so me and my explorer friends (who had been in before years ago when it was in a decent condition, lucky them) gave it a miss. It's probably not such a bad thing, it's quite alarming the amount of videos about showing kids roaming about the place. It's not safe anymore.