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Report - - Wolverhampton Royal Hospital 23/05/07 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Wolverhampton Royal Hospital 23/05/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hay all,

Started off with a fairly hectic day, getting up late missing driving lesson, running to catch train etc you get the idea haha.

Anyway met up with lord of sword at 1. And set off to find the Royal, big thank you to Zippy for giving him directions as I had no idea where I was!

Ive heard many a rumour of people getting kicked out of this place with in seconds of getting in, so was really quite anxecious (sp) about getting kicked out, low and behold when we walked up to the main entrance there was security, but sitting in there cares, doing nothing. So round the side we went and got in!

We started off in on the wards where long term patients must of been cared for, as it was much of the same for the whole building. As it was pretty bland there aren't any pictures but still an easy and fun explore.

Right onto the main feature! We realised when we got into the first ward that neither of us had remembered had a torch on us, so me being clever just set my flash on constant fire. Try walking through and up a corridor and a set of pitch black stairs. Its hilarious!

This is where those stairs from the pitch black corridor took us:


Just a stones throw away from the top of these stairs was this:


After seeing this I thought we were onto a right money maker for left overs, apperantly not. But anyway on with the tour! A short walk and we stumbled across the main corridor of the main building and it appears to have been victim of a torching unfortunately:


The corridor itself:


We followed this corridor down and round and fount a whole open space caring ward. I would personally love one of these for my living rooms:


At the end of this ward I stumbled across a crack heads bedroom, I was getting worried at this point as it all looked freshly lived in:


We continued on and went up yet another set of steps and we walk across what appears to be a completely caved in roof, I'm wrong its just moved rubble!


We carried on up a random set of steps and fount an access point to one of the many roofs, I saw a couple of names I recognised whilst up here aswell :) You know who you are...


After are little explore around the roof we headed on back down towards A&E interesting way of getting there I must say but hay its all good! Was quite strange on the walk down as many pieces of equipment just lined the corridors:


The view of A&E from the bottom facing back up towards the main building:


After A&E we headed onto yet another ward, which I don't know as there were simply to many! As we walked through the latest ward I could feel a cold breeze on face and body, it was truly odd how the temperature changed from ward to ward. We eventually fount one of the many x-ray departments and there was a main hall in the center of this building, I really do wish I took my BMX:


I quite simply loved this part of the Hospital, the kids had claimed it back and had decorated the place with really quite amazing graffiti and hundreds of x-rays!

Now on to the back of the buildings where we fount 3 operating theaters, I really didn't like the look of these, I'm glad I wasn't operated on in any of these!


Once we saw what we believed to be the last of the interesting bits to see we headed off to find the swimming pool as the mourge we simply could not find! Even when following signs! We had some more fun of pitch black steps and lighting rooms with flash, its all good, and eventually fount this beauty! Why it was there I don't know, all I know was it was dark and 30 seconds worth of exposure revealed this!


All in all was a really quite interesting explore. Really enjoyed it there and am looking more into the history of the place as I speak! Big thank you to lord of sword for putting up with me again. And ty to the appropriate sources for telling us where it is!

Oh and finally the view from of the roofs:


Have a good day all.