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Report - Work? Screw it, let's go catch a movie - DE '12


Germany is the "wurst"
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I'm not going into details about the background of this one, suffice it to say that it belonged to a big chain, was shut down for some reason or another, and spent years in limbo because nobody wanted to pay the absurd price to buy it.



Aside from the (very) occasional art or fashion show, or somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody who could organize a private screening for a few buddies in a vast cineplex, this building sits empty - and yet, the lights are on. Must be costing them a fortune in electrical bills.




Getting in was a bit of a comedy, as we bullshitted our way past a hotel receptionist, liberated some construction equipment, and somehow ended up in front of an open door after monkey-climbing around in plain view of about seventy offices at nine thirty in the morning. Protip: if you're wearing a day-glo vest, nobody will ever ask you whether you're supposed to be doing whatever it is you're currently at. Even if you're in the busiest shopping area in a large city, during the middle of the day.




Getting out was even sillier, as someone opened a side entrance while we were doing the foyer, and started noisily coming downstairs. We made an even noisier, ridiculously clumsy exit, trying to run for our way out as fast as possible without tripping over our shit - and not doing a very good job of it.


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