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Report - - YCL, Kirkstall, 02/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - YCL, Kirkstall, 02/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I made another trip to the Yorkshire Chemicals Kirkstall Road site during the past weekend, and this time concentrated on 'M' shed. I had previously attempted a detailed explore of this shed but had to chose to leave the site due to discovering some lads taking metals.

'M' Shed is probably the oldest surviving production building on either of the Leeds YCL sites. Any doubt about the identity of this building was soon resolved;



During previous visits to YCL, I never felt too enthusiastic towards this building, prefering the more modern and taller buildings. But I became curious about making comparisons to the more modern plants and it seems all sites followed similar principles, and had the same mechanical services, but 'M' shed looked like it did things in smaller qunatities. For example, this installation inside 'S' shed, Kirkstalls larger production shed, came with apparant risk of explosion during use.


And inside 'M' shed can be seen much smaller, but similar equipment;


Someone had felt the need to break the blast door glass;


Making my way back from the furthest point away from my access point, I next came the the 'red room' A room full of blenders and a tint of red powder covers everything, on a bright day like this there ought to have been a good photo available, but I struggled to get it right;


Making my way carefully across the armoured cable sheathing and steel wire covered floor, lest they should be concealing one of the many large holes in the floor, I arrive at the control panel. This panel is in very good condition compared with it's surroundings. The monitor, a Microvitec Cub, was particularly surprising to find undamaged. Someone had taken care whilst stripping the copper, and another point is Y2000 compliant notice seems the suggest that this equipment was still in use around that period;


Also near here was ladder leading to the top of a small chimney, probably used to check exhaust gasses;


Also access to the lift machine room, and the roof;


Some alternative art;


Some stripped down machinery, whether it was under repair or being robbed for parts is unknown;



Back across the landing;


Next into another section of the shed and view of the steam raising plant;


And then outside onto the water chiller plant deck, looking down onto the IT room, the Air conditioning units mark the server room;


To the right was 'S' shed;


Inside the water Chiller plant room, a compressor;




Back inside the building and on the way out due to failing daylight. None of the YCL factory floors are safe places to be in the dark;



Intershift politics, I wonder what the anti smokers would have made of the ban we have today;


From here it was back outside, resisting the temptation to revisit 'S' sheds roof and try to get a few night shots of Leeds fair and away.
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