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Report - - Yorkshire Chemicals - 23/2/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Yorkshire Chemicals - 23/2/07

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Visited Yorkshire Chemicals - Leeds with DBS yesterday.

What can i say about this explore, it is simply amazing! The place is fairly big and id say we only did less than 50% of the place.

As mentioned on Turkeys thread there is quite alot of asbestos around the place where to roof has fallen through. Also some of the chemicals there look a bit dodgy. Be careful what you touch, i got some sticky red shit on my finger that stained it, had to get the scrubbing brush to it in the end.

Whilst we were there we spoke to some contractors on the site, they said there isn't much time left for the place, 2-3 months he reckoned.



Red + Blue = Purple






Saunders Valve - reconised the name but couldn`t think where id heard of it. Later on i remembered, some years ago we got a contact to make some jam mixing valves for Saunders. It didn`t go too well and very nearly shut us down :eek:




everything around this pot was layered with this blue dust, looked cool though.

sorry couldn`t help having a mess :)


Various dyes, every thing in here was very sticky and gungy


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