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Report - - Yorkshire Chemicals Site two, leeds 09/07/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Yorkshire Chemicals Site two, leeds 09/07/07

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The Human Turbine.
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Well, me saxofilis and geordi had just completed more of site one. geordie headed of home, so me and saxofilis thought we would do more of site two and see what all the fuss is about.

Again a interesting site, with a lot of similar machinery. However with this being purely a industrial site, there is no offices, but, there is a canteen (if you can call it that ;) ) and some workshops with a absolute tonne of gear in them!

We didnt complete the blue building (the one on the right of my first shot) so i guess i will be back again hehe.


I tried to stop doing these 'art' shots but it just wasnt working lol

I like this shot, because you can se how i got my feet wet, walked across, turned around and realised a shot lol.

The carlsberg loading bay just over the wall

A stressed life for this tank, but it wont have much more of it left.

A 25 second exposure in the workshops

Its as if everything! was left.
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