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abandoned vehicles

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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - Gray's Vehicle Yard, Norfolk - January 2023

    Introduction I initially visited this place last summer on a solo visit but unfortunately, it was far too overgrown and I went in the evening so I ran out of light. I visited twice this month, once with @V50jake and then again with Jake and @Mikeymutt on a nice frosty morning to get some shots...
  2. JakeV50

    Report - Gray's Vehicle Yard, Norfolk : December 2021

    Gray's Yard, Norfolk. Waking up early one cold Sunday morning, I was in the mood to go and have a solo mooch around a nice local place. Grey's yard jumped out at me as it's within half an hour, and I've been wanting to go for ages. No history on Gray's Yard, I don't believe it was an actual...
  3. J

    Report - Off Road Action Park - Wickford, Essex - May 2018

    History Not really much history on this. It used to be an off road adventure park with climbing, shooting and an army assault course. It was very overgrown and a lot of the race tracks are now grass there are some interesting things here. They were forced to close in Jan 2011 due to noise...
  4. C

    Hampshire UK: Looking for abandoned vehicle/ vehicle sites in the South East area

    I'm a Graphic designer/ Photographer in my final year of Uni and looking to visit some abandoned/ disused sites. I am on the hunt for Car/Bus/Train graveyards and any sites containing old vehicles, around Hampshire and surrounding areas. I am local to both Winchester & Fleet. I am particularly...