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  1. Elcamino;)

    Report - De Belle Vue caves and witch’s kitchen-December 2023

    Good afternoon Blade Runners, today I’m going going to talk about what I was doing with my £200 monthly train ticket to Canterbury. And that’s “having a break while switching trains” at Ramsgate so I can do some exploring when I’m not at work. The Witch’s Kitchen The Witch’s kitchen cave is...
  2. emotive69

    Report - Middlesbrough ARP WW2 Air Raid Shelter for 367 Persons - Linthorpe Road

    Situated in Middlesbrough in the North East of the UK , the only outward sign this shelter exists is the remains of the ghost sign to the rear of the building above Access to the underneath bunker / shelter is not publically available these images were taken in 2012 but the ARP shelter still...
  3. Wastelandr

    Report - Courtaulds Air Raid Shelters, Halstead - Sep 2022

    The History Time for a mini report here today. This set of sixteen air raid shelters in the town of Halstead, Essex, were built to serve the workers of Courtaulds Silk Factory during WW2. Courtaulds were a large silk manufacturer dating back to the 18th century, and first established the...


    For such a long time we have been looking to prove that underground Tunnels/Shelters/Structures can exist within Shoeburyness despite the land being so close to the water table. We did ALOT of research and one day last month decided to go looking for an entrance of some kind that we believed...
  5. m4dd13z666

    Report - Brunswick Tunnel & Air Raid Shelter - Harrogate - North Yorkshire - October 2021

    Brunswick Tunnel And Air Raid Shelter. The rather long winded write up: The York and North Midland Railway opened in 1839, connecting York with the Leeds and Selby Railway and in 1840 with the North Midland Railway at Normanton near Leeds. The line was largely financed by George Hudson who...
  6. Jl.urbex

    Report - NOW GUARDED july 21 - Stanton Ironworks - Ilkeston

    For this explore, I took along my eldest son, and I met up with @FalloutShelter , I had been previously but not seen much. So eager to return, off we went. We started at the Air raid shelters and made our way round to the mould boring shop, this is where it got interesting. After finding a...
  7. Mr Budge

    Report - Dodge hill air raid shelters September 2020

    Hidden deep below the ground underneath Stockport are numerous abandoned air raid shelters. The tunnels provided shelter and a way of life for many families in Stockport and surrounding areas. Four sets of underground air raid shelter tunnels for civilian use were dug into the red sandstone rock...
  8. TheReturningCynic

    Report - WT Henley (later AEI) Telegraph Works: Air Raid Shelter, Northfleet (December 2020)

    With a good friend back on-leave, and as a result re-introducing himself in to my bubble, we both set out on Friday evening to give a semi-local location an explore: the WT Henley/AEI Cable Works air-raid shelter in Gravesend. History The WT Henley (later AEI) Telegraph Works site is situated...
  9. Smarsh21

    Question - New to urban exploring.. plymouth devon

    Me and my husband are new to urban exploring in Plymouth Devon. We have found a few fort tunnels in the woods but would really like to find entrances to more tunnels/air raid shelters in Plymouth or just anywhere abandoned to explore for photos/videos! Please drop me a message if anyone knows of...
  10. F

    Report - Inverclyde Air Raid Shelter, Port Glasgow- July 2020

    The History: Built by the Birkmyre family, this was the largest privately owned air raid shelter in the UK and it was used by the workers at the nearby ropeworks. It measures almost 600m in length with the tunnels approximately 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall when they are not flooded with mud and...
  11. F

    Report - Littlewoods Air Raid Shelter, Liverpool- July 2020

    The History: This air raid shelter was built before World War Two for the workers of the nearby Littlewoods Pools building. Several entrances were available for the staff. The factory building itself was used for several purposes during the war, including printing National Registration forms...
  12. N

    Report - Bidston underground war tunnels (Wirral)

    After trying to get into this place a few times I got a tip off that it was accessible again (i won’t post details). It won’t be open long as they’re already laying foundations to cover it up as shown in the photos. So if you’re planning on taking a look at get down their soon! Good luck
  13. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - A E I Cableworks Deep Shelter - Gravesend, Kent - March 2019

    Been a while since I posted anything, life got busy and I got sick (again) which put exploring on the backburner for a bit. Anyhow a couple of weeks ago I paid another visit to the lovely county of Kent and after a bit of general mooching, off I went to check out another shelter (can you tell...
  14. Cariad1313

    Report - Epsom Deep Shelter

    History There are multiple theories as to why Epsom deep shelter was constructed. A report by Surrey County Council states that the air raid shelter was built in 1941 during The Second World War, costing £26,658 and taking only one year to erect. The shelter made use of its 4.5 acres of land...
  15. T

    Question - Could someone advise me.

    Does anyone know if this is anything special like a air raid bunker or just something that will just waste my time. Spotted since younger but thought nothing off it till now since I saw a video of one similar on YouTube? Advise would be appreciated.
  16. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Coulsdon Deep Shelter - March 2018

    This was my first ever underground explore, and I have to say I felt a sense of trepidation traipsing through the woods at night with a head torch on following my two friends. It was cold and I was quite convinced we weren't going to find it until there it was, the entrance appearing from the...