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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - RAE Bedford 3x3, 8x8, Canteen - August 2023

    Introduction RAE Bedford has always been on the bucket list for me. Ever since I saw photos back in 2017 it is one I have always wanted to do but never thought I would ever get there or do it successfully, but we finally managed it in the end! I first tried it back in 2019 but couldn’t find an...
  2. Berserker

    Report - Stewartby Brickworks - Bedford - September 2020 (Picture Heavy)

    I've engaged in this hobby on and off for years, but it's been more off than on recently, I'm keen to get back out and put the exploring shoes back on! So of course, I've been looking through some old derps and this place really was one of my favorites, so wanted to get a report up, even if my...
  3. S

    Report - Wren Park nursing home-Bedfordshire-September 23

    This was a roadside spot and after a search on google when I got home discovered it was Wren Park nursing home, the majority of the site was now demolished however the house was still remaining. Wren park looked after patients with dementia, sensory disorders and younger adults under 65. The...
  4. dansgas1000

    Report - Old Warden Tunnel, Bedfordshire - April 2023

    Introduction I’ve visited this tunnel a handful of times but have never actually taken any proper photos here. I had a free Saturday and it’s less than two hours from me so I decided to revisit, in addition to seeing what bits remain at Stewartby Brickworks nearby following the demolition of the...
  5. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Stewartby Brickworks, Bedfordshire - August 2019

    An unplanned explore on a sunny August bank holiday evening led to a return the following weekend fully armed with our cameras! These are shots from both visits. Stewartby Brickworks has stood in the small village of Stewartby since the 1920s. Stewartby, then named Wooton Pillinge, soon became...
  6. chidgeyb94

    Report - Willington Train Station - November 2019

    i dont have much history on this place all i know is its in adjacent to the old varsity line which ran through its location in willington, vandals got the better of this place and it now looks like a local crack shed but seeing it was a little reminisce on how things used to be. Side Note im new...
  7. dansgas1000

    Report - Stewarby Brickworks - Bedfordshire - June 2019

    For my second report on this forum I am going to be showing you the remains of the derelict Stewartby Brickworks site that I visited last month. Stewartby Brickworks was the home of London Brick Company since 1900. At its peak, the factory produced a fifth of England's bricks, 500 million...
  8. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Bricket Wood Sports Centre - St Albans - January 2019 - Part 2

    Ran out of photo space on the previous report so here are the rest of them including the sports hall where someone has clearly had a lot of fun with paint pots, and some of the outsides of some of the other buildings on the site. The place is huge but it looks like the only accessible place is...
  9. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Bricket Wood Sports Centre - St Albans - January 2019 Part 1

    First explore of 2019 after a long break from exploring after I changed jobs (again) and ran out of enough spare time to go wandering! This place was quite a treat! Met up with my good friend @Proxy23 and a friend of hers and off we went to this place! Access to the site was much easier than...