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  1. chidgeyb94

    General - Abandoned train Station toll booth like structure and platform Bedfordshire

    i dont have much history on this place all i know is its in adjacent to the old varsity line which ran through its location in willington, vandals got the better of this place and it now looks like a local crack shed but seeing it was a little reminisce on how things used to be. Side Note im new...
  2. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - The Jam House - St Albans, Hertfordshire, June/August 2019

    There's really not a lot of history about this house anywhere, nor about why it became forgotten, tucked away in a quiet upmarket area of St Albans, Hertfordshire. After a rather uneventful few weeks with no trips, I got the itch that needed to be scratched and a spontaneous trip with @Proxy23...
  3. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Houses - Wixams, Bedford, May 2019

    Visited this place on the way home from a failed attempt at the RAF Thurleigh control tower with a couple of companions. We decided this one looked worth a quick look as we were already in the area, but it's more of a derp than anything. Couldn't find much information about the houses or why...
  4. dansgas1000

    Report - Stewarby Brickworks - Bedfordshire - June 2019

    For my second report on this forum I am going to be showing you the remains of the derelict Stewartby Brickworks site that I visited last month. Stewartby Brickworks was the home of London Brick Company since 1900. At its peak, the factory produced a fifth of England's bricks, 500 million...
  5. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Bricket Wood Sports Centre - St Albans - January 2019 - Part 2

    Ran out of photo space on the previous report so here are the rest of them including the sports hall where someone has clearly had a lot of fun with paint pots, and some of the outsides of some of the other buildings on the site. The place is huge but it looks like the only accessible place is...
  6. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Bricket Wood Sports Centre - St Albans - January 2019 Part 1

    First explore of 2019 after a long break from exploring after I changed jobs (again) and ran out of enough spare time to go wandering! This place was quite a treat! Met up with my good friend @Proxy23 and a friend of hers and off we went to this place! Access to the site was much easier than...
  7. Guy Anderson

    Report - Abandoned Forest Centre near Stewartby, Beds.

    Hi Everyone, This is our first report and it’s hopefully an interesting one, as it was an accidental find and hasn’t been entered yet. We were driving around Stewartby near Bedford, trying to find a way into the old London Brickworks, but gave up when we saw a woman go into the security guards...