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  1. MrUnknown

    Report - Shenstone Court / Warehouse - Halesowen (West Birmingham)

    So this is a usual spot for me and my girlfriend to hang out as we like to have a smoke and during corona virus there is nowhere indoors / warm we can go. And as this is in my home town and local it is a regular place for us to go! History: Me and my girlfriend have both spent some time trying...
  2. forgottentourists

    General - 103 Colmore Row - Rooftop, 2015.

    Colmore Row Rooftop, 2015 Birmingham’s highest office building. 103 Colmore Row, formerly known as National Westminster House, was a building on Colmore Row, Birmingham, England. The original building was designed by John Madin and was completed in October 1975 as offices and a banking hall for...
  3. forgottentourists

    Report - Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, Derby - April 2014

    A visit we made to Derbyshires Royal Infirmary a while back in mid 2014, we was escorted off by security after a good few hours inside. The Derbyshire Royal Infirmary was a hospital in Derby that was managed by the Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Following the transfer of...
  4. forgottentourists

    General - Waterstones, Birmingham. 2014

    Waterstones, Birmingham. In 2014 we gained access to the roof of Waterstones in Birmingham city centre. Art-Deco architecture became popular in the design of cinemas, however, it was not so widespread in other buildings and its use was very limited in Birmingham. In 1933, the new Kent Street...
  5. M

    Lead or Rumour info - 173-175 High street Digbeth Birmingham, Former Chapel (Abandoned)

    Hi All, Im new here so dont know what im really doing. Im currently working on a project which relates to the abandoned church on high street deritend, B12 0LD. Ive been seaching online and it seems that no one has explored this building yet or reported about it yet. The building is empty and...
  6. Skedi

    Lead or Rumour info - Regional War Room 9, Looking for information and location?

    Hey guys, After a recent trip to Regional War Room 6 I've been trying to dig into the whereabouts of some of the other War Rooms. It's clear a lot have been demolished or repurposed but I cant seem to find much on Regional War Room 9. It's supposed to be somewhere in Shirley (Near Birmingham)...
  7. pizza4brandon

    Dudley Zoo Hall

    Hi, I thought for my introduction i’d show you an abandoned building I explored near Dudley Zoo. So as it was by a busy zoo, we had to be careful going in so we didn’t get seen. Once we got in and turned around a corner, we were in a giant hall. I think maybe the building was a theatre. Over...
  8. MrUnknown

    Report - GKN Factory & Tunnels - Birmingham, Smethwick - 2020

    So, me and my friend went to the old GKN Factory & Tunnels yesterday. The whole of the right is abandoned but only a small section is accessible (Basically 1 room that didn't have a whole lot in it) The rest has been blocked off. On the left side where the GKN Tunnels are meant to be is under...
  9. MrUnknown

    Hey guys. New member here

    Im from Birmingham west midlands, Like exploring alot. Dont want ways in but just post of you know any good areas for exploration. Recently explored the GKN Tunnels in Smethwick which was amazing
  10. Flanders

    Report - Bagot Arms 15/08/20

    I was on my way to see a lady about some ornaments I was collecting when I was at the bus stop over the road waiting to change buses to get over to hers. Fortunately she was real diamond and didn't mind me going later than planed. I have drank in this pub before but I don't usually go down that...
  11. dynamitejetmoom

    Report - Array Fruit Farm, Bromsgrove, June 2020

    Not much online but it looks like Array closed down a few years ago due to sales declining. The land itself is huge, rows and rows of Apple trees, some outbuildings and machinery, vehicles, Not much online but it looks like Array closed down a few years ago due to sales declining. The owner...
  12. Pixels

    Report - Bellfield House, Birmingham - May 2017

    Having grown up in this area I was keen to get up on the flats to see the estate from above - I was able to see two of my old houses, as well as the Birmingham skyline further on in the distance. This was just a quick visit to end a good day of exploring with @plod and @jellyfish. Bellfield...
  13. Yoshimitsu93

    Report - New Hawne Colliery - Halesowen - Feb 2020

    This is only our second thread (myself & @Narg1992). We thought we may as well post while we are in lockdown due to the amount of photos we have lying around! So as we are local to Halesowen we thought we might as well check out the New Hawne Colliery. Unfortunately we dont have much history on...
  14. Yoshimitsu93

    Report - Selly Oak Hospital & Library, Birmingham - Jan 2020

    Hey, this is our first explore.. go easy on us! Any feedback appreciated! So we decided to check out Selly Oak’s infamous abandoned hospital, (Me and @Narg1992). A lot of this site has been knocked down over time and has now become a thriving housing estate.. which obviously causes some...
  15. M

    Report - River Rea - Birmingham - March 2020

    My first UK explore after moving here a year ago, happy to be here, lots of exciting places to explore. I've done a lot of urbexing in the past, but this is my first time in the UK! Sorry about the bad oversaturated quality, we kind of just stumbled upon an access route and didn't initially...
  16. Mr Sam

    Report - Longbridge Tunnels - Birmingham - December '15

    I think nearly everyone and his doggo went here so i never posted a report at the time. The first 2 shots are of the last Mini to leave Longbridge which I'm sure some of you photographed in situ about a decade before. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_sam/albums/72157713876836322
  17. Seffy

    Report - The Majestic Cinema, Cradley Heath (Birmingham) - Oct 2018

    The Majestic Cinema, Cradley Heath Another from the archives. Visited with @WhoDaresWins and Callum who has been inactive for so long his account has gone. After a long day looking at a few bits around Birmingham, and failing at every single one, we were getting a bit low on morale. This was...
  18. Mr Sam

    Report - Guest Hospital - Dudley - November '15

    These pictures date from late 2015 and I would assume its all gone now as demolition machines were ready and waiting, seems we got here just in time. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_sam/albums/72157661698783882 The original buildings were constructed in 1849 by the Earl of Dudley to...
  19. E

    Report - Five ways tower, Birmingham - April 2019

    Five ways tower used to be an old office block in central Birmingham, by the five ways round about. The 23 storey building was completed in 1979 however it was abandoned when a large amount of the workers kept on falling ill. Known as sick building syndrome this is caused by poor ventilation and...
  20. C

    Birmingham, need people to explore/climb with.

    I'm from Birmingham (Oldbury) but there's places I wanna go to that are in other areas aswell, I'm strong and can climb but don't have much experience in urbex etc.. But wanna do it regularly.. Especially as it gets warmer, my instagram is cain.bnei.noach but I'm slowly figuring out how this...