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  1. HWRC

    Report - Bunker N0.7 Yorkshire water operations bunker - Cottingham - October 2021

    This operations bunker is one of 7 (this one being bunker NO.7) built by Yorkshire water in 1989 to continue operating Hulls water system in the event of a nuclear strike on the UK. This bunker has 7 rooms. A plant room, air filtration room, lobby/communications room, operations room...
  2. E

    Question - Looking for Guide or Info

    Hello I’m visiting the uk from Las Vegas, looking for any information on bunker locations or anything underground. Staying in bath tonight and will be in London tomorrow.
  3. T

    Report - Winterton-on-Sea ROC Post, Winterton-on-Sea, Norfolk, 20th March 2022

    The Explore Out for a walk with the wife and baby today, strolling from Hemsby to Winterton-on-Sea. As usual, on the lookout for odd buildings or pieces of concrete that look out of place. Sure enough on the return journey along the sand dunes, I made my excuses and took my leave, heading for...
  4. M

    Question - Possible Bunker - Northern Ireland

    Hi all, There exists a disused water works near me that is fenced off. I have explored it before and it is completely abandoned and in disrepair. However while there a nearby fenced area caught my eye. It appears to be an underground structure. Maybe an old pumping station but it seems very...
  5. Wastelandr

    Report - Sarre Underground Brigade Headquarters, July 2021

    Hi all, I see a lot of posts on this place are around ten years old now so thought I would provide some newer photography with the nice fat wide angle lens. Not much new to report so this is a fairly quick report, but hopefully of interest anyway. The History There's plenty of information...
  6. Ashpope667


    Dont know much about it.
  7. Ashpope667

    Report - Dorking Ice House 2021

  8. Ashpope667

    Report - Dorking DeepDene railway control centre / surrey / June 2021

    cool little bunker its been my favourite one i have explored. History During World War 2, the Southern Railway took over the Deepdene Hotel near Dorking in Surrey for its wartime emergency headquarters. In the grounds they excavated an underground control centre taking advantage of a network...
  9. Hidinginplanesite

    Report - Harty road Air-Raid shelter - Sheppey April 2021

    I don’t know where to really put this report for 2 reason 1) it’s technically public as it on a walking route 2) I only have a few pictures anyways I’ll crack on .. sheppey is only 30 mins drive from me just basically the other end of the ME postcode so still fairly local to me .. I epxlored...
  10. Rippli

    Question - Hidden Wales with Will Millard Series 2 Episode 5

    I just watched this on iPlayer - all about WW2 activity in Wales. Towards the end, he visits the Langstone Aux OB (Jonah Patrol) near Newport. Then he visits an almost perfect (to good to be true!?) base. Any idea where this is ? Looks so good it must have been looked after over the years, or...
  11. Abandonedvoyager

    Report - Paulsgrove WW2 radio bunker Sunday 27th of September 2020

    This is the WW2 radio bunker I went to visit another location but unfortunately was heavily guarded so I decided to take a trip to this astonishing piece of history. Now some of you may think this is boring but the fact you are able to be in somewhere that was once apart of a war that’s not in a...
  12. Purplegoat

    Report - Report - Paualsgrove Radio Station, July 2020

    Hello guys. First time poster here not a massively interesting one but I was passing through the area so thought it was worth a look. Its taken me ages to get this posted as the whole reason I visited this site was to test out some 35mm film which I didn't get developed for while. The...
  13. WExploreNorthEast

    Report - Ponteland Royal Observer Corps - July 2020

    Despite many successful and failed explorations under our belts collectively, this is our first post on this forum. Over the summer we have discovered the world of Urban Exploration after stumbling upon an abandoned football pitch in Washington one afternoon. Since then, our thirst for...
  14. F

    Report - Inverclyde Air Raid Shelter, Port Glasgow- July 2020

    The History: Built by the Birkmyre family, this was the largest privately owned air raid shelter in the UK and it was used by the workers at the nearby ropeworks. It measures almost 600m in length with the tunnels approximately 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall when they are not flooded with mud and...
  15. F

    Report - Littlewoods Air Raid Shelter, Liverpool- July 2020

    The History: This air raid shelter was built before World War Two for the workers of the nearby Littlewoods Pools building. Several entrances were available for the staff. The factory building itself was used for several purposes during the war, including printing National Registration forms...
  16. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Medical bunker - Belgium - Jun 2020

    History: This small bunker was built as a small medical outpost for a airfield. Why it was built as an bunker was probably handy for when the airfield was bombed. After the treat of the cold war went away, this place was closed for good. Explore: Nowadays this small bunker is surprisingly well...
  17. Urben_x

    Report - Otterham, Kilkhampton, St Columb and week st Mary ROC posts - North Cornwall - 25/6/20

    Fairly new to all this, I have always been fascinated by underground bunkers of any type. So long as I can get underground I'm in to it! Anyway whilst researching bomb shelters I came across a list of ROCs. Within a couple of weeks I have investigated four posts. Kilkhampton (sealed and left...
  18. G

    Report - Small bunker on the South Downs, East Sussex, near Plumpton

    Hi this is my first post so apologies if this has already been reported or if I am in the wrong forum. We were on a walk through the south downs and we stumbled across this underground bunker. There was no surface structures except for a noticeable mound and the entrance, someone has already...
  19. Kat18

    Report - Medway Nuclear Bunker (Southern Water) April 2020

    Initially this morning I had plans to do some university revision and exploring was my last thought, but I received a message regarding the Gillingham war bunker was open. Confused, I searched online regarding posts about it and found nothing as it appears the entrance for that specific bunker...
  20. Seffy

    Report - Brislington Regional War Room (Region 7), Bristol - 2018/2019

    Brislington Regional War Room - Region 7 (Flowers Hill), Bristol A brief overview: For an extensive description of the building, see Nick Catford's write up here on Subbrit! As far as sites we've done in Bristol, this has to be in the top three. It's been on our radar for years (tumbles'...