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eggborough power station |

eggborough power station

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  1. Llama

    Report - Eggborough Power Station, North Yorkshire - February 2020

    Explored with @Ojay, @slayaaaa, @xplorer.x and @Terminal Decline History: Eggborough Power Station was a 2-gigawatt coal-fired generating plant in North Yorkshire, built between 1962 and 1970, and first began generating electricity in 1967 just before the completion of the site in 1970. The...
  2. xplorer.x

    Report - Eggborough Power Station (Coal) Yorkshire October 2019

    Eggborough Power Station I had been wanting to do Eggborough power station ever since it closed. However back then I was still exploring knackered houses every weekend and considered this to be impossible. As nearly a year passed by I had started upping my game and doing much better locations...