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  1. rvznb

    Back After A While - Pilor School, Train Service Station & Monastery

    It's been a while since i've been urbexing. Due to covid19, family suff and work i haven't found the time to get back into is. Today (27/12/21) i got into it again and went on an adventure. - Our first top was a abandoned pilot school in Wallonia, Belgium It's been a while since i've been here...
  2. M

    Chicks Explore Abandoned Athens Olympic Airport - Ellinikon International Airport

    Urbex on ROLLERSKATES - REDBULL COMMISSIONING URBEX CHECK IT OUT I found this on RedBulls new 'Story Tellers' series - worth a watch to see inside disused airport - As Athens tentatively emerges from a decade of chaos, a group of young female roller skaters are fighting for space in their...
  3. G

    Report - Abandoned "castle", Northern Spain, June 2019

    Been meaning to post these for ages, but only just got round to it! Earlier this year I decided to go to Madrid for the Champions League final, and turned it into a 2 week road trip in my campervan, exploring a lot of Spain. On the way home I came across this place, finding it totally by...
  4. TrevBish

    Report - Caterpillar - Gosselies - Belgium - October 2018

    The factory opened in 1965 and closed at the end of 2017 with a loss of 2000 jobs. It was used for the production of Hydraulic Excavators, Medium Wheel Loaders and components. It was also the Headquarters for CAT Belgium. The site has security that patrol and enter the buildings. Friday 19th...