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  1. MysticSeekers

    Hi from eastbourne

    Hi guys we mainly do night time explores and recently visited a couple of places which have been locked down tight but wondered a bit further and found on old garage and abandoned caravan. i have added some pics of hellingly asylum,the old mill and the garage/caravan. Look forward to having...
  2. Tom Ellis

    Report - Hellingly Hospital, East Sussex - June 2020

    I finally had the opportunity to check out the remains of the famous Hellingly asylum popularized through Joe Weller's exploration series. We pulled up into the car park outside the Church that used to be apart of the complex. We got out and then looked for an entrance to no success except for...
  3. CatfishCKY

    Report - Hellingly East Sussex County Asylum, Hailsham - Dec 2007 to June 2009

    In the midst of this lock-down madness, we are all unable to get out and get exploring like we used to; so a lot of us are revisiting memories past. Having recently registered again, I am in the process of uploading some of my adventures again, and today I bring you Hellingly East Sussex County...